Discover Overland welcomes you!

A week-end full of travel inspiration, presentations and workshops for all of you who dream to travel overland to faraway destinations!

In 2019 the Discover Overland Meeting turned 3 years old! This year brought another program filled to the brim with inspiring, intriguing and practical tales on discovering the world. September 20-22 was another great weekend for and by travellers and adventurers, accompanied by some amazing weather.

Discover Overland Meeting 2019 returned to Camping Ponderosa in Ulicoten. If you want to stay informed of the latest news, Keep an eye on this site or follow our Facebook page.

Every journey starts with small steps: an idea, a vague plan but more importantly the will to discover the world. You can find loads of information on the internet. Forums, blogs and Facebook are good sources. But the best inspiration comes from enthusiastically told stories. The best tips are shared in direct conversations with other experienced travelers. Discover Overland is the place to be: a weekend filled with informative and engaging presentations, workshops and round table discussions for and by travelers. When “classes” are over, networking overland-style continues around campfires and cookstoves. Step by step you will get closer to realizing your dream, and before you know it you will be farther from home than ever before.

Are you interested in traveling overland but you are not sure how or where to start? Have you been out and about on smaller or bigger trips by bicycle, motorcycle or car and you want to share your experiences? Then this meeting is for you!

Date & Location

Friday 20 – Sunday 22 September 2019

Camping Ponderosa near the border
between Belgium and Holland!

Maaijkant 26
5113 BD Ulicoten (bij Baarle Nassau)

A great location with a private camping area, modern sanitary building, space for our travel market and  great hall for presentations.

Soon you’ll find out here where the 2020 meeting will be held. Keep your eyes peeled!


For 2019 we again offered a great mix of workshops, presentations and round table discussions. You can find them here.

Timing of the event in short:

  • Friday – from 19:00 – opening and presentations
  • Saturday – 09:00 to 21:00 – presentations and workshops
  • Sunday – 10:00 to 15:00 – presentations and workshops

Throughout the weekend there is also continuously a Traveller’s Market where dedicated travel product and service exhibitors show you what they can offer to help make your own trip a success.

Tyre changing workshop

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Weekend passes: between € 60,- and € 95,- if you register before August 1st (€ 15,- discount!) and depending on your catering preferences. This includes access to all presentations and workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Day passes are also available if you can’t join us the entire weekend. Check out the registration form for the options.

Registrations will open on April 1st!

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The Discover Overland team is working hard at the moment to finetune all the practicalities with regards to the registrations. In the meantime you can already add April 1st 2020 to your calendar! Registrations will then open, no joke!

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Feel an urge to relive the 2019 edition, relax in your comfy couch and enjoy scrolling through the extensive collection of photos from DO2019.

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