We’re on the road to nowhere: René and Corine traveled through North, Central and South America

René and Corine left for Alaska in June 2018. The plan: to ride their Triumph Tiger 800 and Explorer 1200 in one year all the way to Ushuaia, Argentina. Together they traveled to many corners of the world: motorbike trips through Europe or backpacking on other continents. However, discovering the American continent on their own motorbikes was a completely new experience. Despite 30 years of motorbike experience, they now faced completely new challenges.

In this presentation, they take you along on their 40,000 km trip. They share their experiences of the past year and show you their preparations before setting off. Insurance, negative travel advice, border crossings, roadblocks, natural disasters, Spanish  language challenges, engine maintenance, transport and flights, budgeting and challenging road surfaces. You can discover it all during their presentation. Join them on their journey through the beautiful nature and culture of the Americas and their meetings with very hospitable and fantastic people.